A “Marquis” Billing

Let’s look back to the year 2007. This was the year of the terrible wildfires in California,  Rupert Murdoch took over Dow Jones and Co., and the Apple I-Phone was released. 2007 was also a big year for one particular person, Bradd Marquis (pronounced Markee), as he made his way onto 106 & Park, and received their “Soul Singer of the Year” Award.  After he received the award, Bradd continued to flourish in the industry. We sat down for a while and I talked to him about him growing up, his life-changing events, and what future holds for the Trenton, New Jersey native.

It can be said that it was meant for Bradd Marquis to be a singer. He was born into a family of singers. At the age of four, Bradd and his musical genes were put to the test.  Bradd stated, “At the age of four, my mom put me in front of the church to lead a song. I’ve been hooked ever since. I went on to do other things like sports and stuff, but music was always a constant that I wanted to do as a profession.” Indeed, Bradd was right. During his college years at the University of Cincinnati, Bradd performed in various talent shows. After his graduation in  2003, Bradd slowed down a little bit from his singing career. He had a job in the youth prison and he was living what many people consider “American Dream.”  Bradd says, “I had the nine to five job, I had the woman, the cars, the money; but I just wasn’t happy. Music was still a hobby and I wanted more from it.”
In 2004, Bradd got on the stage, Apollo, where many legends have crossed. He commented,“It was a real emotional experience. I felt like all the legends were looking at me and saying, “Okay, what you got?” I was so nervous that I forgot the song.” Despite the butterflies, Bradd was able to get through and win over the crowd with his smooth voice. This encouraged Bradd to go on to perform on 106 and Park, an experience that Bradd calls one of the highlights of his career.  It provided him with opportunities that he had never had.

Besides winning the Soul Singer of the Year Award, Bradd was able to work with Tamia’s manager. He performed on the Souls Summer Tour. He was surrounded by such artist as India Arie, Jaheim, Frankie Maze & Beverly, which proved be great blessing for him.
At this time, Bradd Marquis is working on promoting his sophomore album, “Authentic” and his single, “Good Man”.  He also did a campaign where he set up a website in order to raise money for his music video. Basically, he tries to get donations to raise $3,000 in order to have money to fund his next music video. Besides trying to raise the money for his music video, he  has a series called, “The Good Man” which is a short series of videos that shows more of who Bradd Marquis is.

Although the name Bradd Marquis may have just started to have an imprint on a few people, Bradd hopes to create a strong legacy. Bradd wants his music to have a good balance and  to be a positive influence on the kids of today.

Make sure to support Bradd Marquis on kickstartcampaign.com. You can also follow him on twitter at Bradd Marquis, as well as, check out his Facebook page in order to know a little more about the next Donny Hathaway of our lifetime.


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