The New Age Swooner: Mr. Mark Hood

If you are looking for a new face in the music industry and tired of hearing the same rotation on the radio, then look no further. Mark JP Hood has arrived and he is looking to put a huge dent in the music industry. I was able to catch up with the raspy-voice swooner from the south eastside of Chicago to talk about how he started on the journey of his musical conquest and what he is hoping to accomplish in the near future. Mark JP Hood was born into a musical family. “I was born into the church, I played the piano. My mom was the minister of music at the church.” Although it seemed like the musical gene was instilled in Hood, most people didn’t think of him as a singer due to his raspy voice as many people teased him for having a little frog voice. Despite the mockery, Mark got his chance to show everybody what he could do. “I knew I wanted to sing and I got my chance one Sunday when my mom needed a lead for a song. I volunteered to sing and I did a very good job.  Everybody came up to me and telling me that I could sing, and my journey started to progress from there.” With that being said, Mark Hood did progress indeed.

Today, you now have a young up and coming singer who is a real student of the art of music. He works with the production team Supreme Team Entertainment. He has a new single out called “Ain’t Gon Change” and is looking to drop his album in the coming months. He consistently works on making himself better by studying the greats as well as current artists. “If you talk to anyone who knows me, they can tell you that I am a huge fan of R. Kelly and Chris Brown. I get teased a little bit of admiring them because of their personal lives but personal is personal, music is music. I also study John Legend, Ryan Leslie, and T-Pain.” Although he studies various artists and reminds audience of a few of their styles, Hood doesn’t want to be seen or thought of being a copycat. “I don’t want to be gimmicked, I want to be real, a feel from the old school that I admire. When people say Mark Hood, I want them to say that he is that dude.” Mark is a serious student and lover of the industry. This is evident from one of his leisure activities in which he likes to read credits of a music album. This may be the only viable leisure activity for Mark Hood as he expects to keep moving along in the industry.

Don’t expect Mark Hood to be only a singer. Not only does he want to collaborate on songs with T-Pain and other big artists, Mark wants to make leeway in the acting world as well. He hopes that he can do a Tyler Perry play one day as well as act alongside Denzel Washington and Mel Gibson on the big screen. Aside from thee future goals and dreams, Mark JP Hood is happy where he is at. “If I’m not signed but I am still able to make music, then I’ll be happy because I’m doing something that I love.”

            As Mark JP Hood continues to make a name for himself, he says that he is approachable and would like you to support him. Be a fan of his Facebook page at Mark JP Hood and follow him on twitter at MarkJPHood. He is a hot upcoming artist that we should all get to know and be a fan of.


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