Darrin Henson Visits Chicago to Promote New Book

You never know which door will lead to a road of success.  For Darrin Henson, each of his many talents has gained him a noteworthy level of success.  With great experience in dance, acting, and health and fitness, Darrin admits, “I am simply a guy living out his dreams.”  His dreams have led him to the completion of his first book, Intimate Thoughts, now available nationwide.  Darrin takes a minute to discuss his fulfilling career with Andwepresent.com.

Dancer, actor, fitness guru, and now writer all describe the many gifts Darrin Henson has shared with the world.  He began his career with his greatest passion of all.  “Along my journey,” he reflects, “I just focused on what I wanted to do, which was dance and choreography.  I find that when you’re passionate about what you love to do, “stardom” finds you.”  Darrin’s passion in dance led him to choreograph for music artists including Justin Timberlake, N’Sync,  Usher, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, and Christina Aguilera.  His early years in education led him to acting classes and theater workshops.  “I was an extrovert and was always perpetually doing something, whether it was dancing or acting,” Darrin describes.

Known for great roles as Lem Van Adams in Soul Food: the Series and Grant in Stomp the Yard, Darrin has thrived as an actor.  He recently wrapped up filming several movies, among them, Ex-Free, After, The Last Fall, Marriage Chronicles, and The Great Divide.  He is also the headliner of John Ruffin’s stage play, All My Single Ladies, which will be on tour before the end of the year.  As Darrin reflects over his career, he notes that “my career has been blessed and I accept the blessings that come to me daily.  I expect more blessings, but in my blessings, I try to bless other people.”  Darrin has made a point of utilizing his career as a platform to help others realize their dreams.  “Get Fit & Stay Fit,” Darrin’s workout DVD, gives people “an outlet to tighten and tone their bodies and feel good about themselves,” he describes.  “There’s a great benefit to feeling good and losing weight or feeling good and toning your body at the same time.”  He created the same physical benefit in his DVD, “Darrin’s Dance Grooves.”   This two-volume dance routine “allows viewers to listen to some really good music and learn some really good dance steps that I am coaching them through.  It’s really about having fun and learning something new while you do it,” he reveals.

Darrin’s advise to aspiring entertainers: “It’s really about knowing what you want and following through with action.  Those actions will give you the results you want.”  Darrin’s actions have led him to achieve yet another passion of his—writing.  Eight years in the making, Intimate Thoughts, his autobiographical poetry book, is now available to fans nationwide.  “Readers can expect the real Darrin Henson,” he reveals.  “Readers can expect an in-depth conversation with me.  They will be able to learn more about the industry and how to get involved in the industry.”  His success and excitement about his book is leading him on a book tour.  The tour begins in New York and will travel to Chicago, DC, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and other parts of the Midwest and East Coast.  He expects Intimate Thoughts to eventually lead him to a position on the New York Times Bestseller list, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The View, Jet Magazine, Ebony Magazine, and Men’s Health Magazine.

Henson admits that he does all of this in order to inspire others to live out their dreams as well.  “I always say ‘Live your making and you’ll never have to worry about making a living.’”

For your personal copy of Intimate Thoughts, visit http://godzchildproductions.net/ and http://darrinhenson.com/, or click the image below.



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