Actor/Model Richard Gallion Returns to the Stage

He got his start in modeling from college basketball and has not looked back since.  Richard Gallion has won the hearts of women across the nation.  With success in athletics, modeling, writing, and acting, this quadruple threat cannot fathom what is to come.  When asked what he would like to do next, Richard simply replies, “I’m not going to even pick because the things that I tend to pick aren’t necessarily what God has for me.  I learned to just keep God in it and move forward.  Whatever happens, happens.”  It’s all happening quite well for Richard.  With success on the stage, the big screen, and behind the scenes, Richard opens up with about his latest projects and the lessons he’s learned in the industry. 

A native of Chicago, Richard Gallion was discovered as a model while playing college basketball.  Having never modeled before, he learned that he enjoyed it.  His modeling career eventually led him to be approached by representatives from Ebony Magazine to be one of its models.  Great things continued to fall into his lap, so much so that it began to turn itself into a fulfilling career.  Richard earned a role in his first stage play after filling in for the original cast member for just one rehearsal.  No wonder he was confident enough to seek out John Ruffin for Richard’s biggest acting gig at that point of his career.

Richard was introduced to John Ruffin’s theatrical genius while serving as a door greeter during one of John’s productions.  After one production, Richard was hooked.  “I’ve done plays before, but his plays are of another dimension,” Richard reflects.  “It’s like watching a movie on stage.”  Richard wanted to be a part of that movement so badly that he waited on a reply from John for a year and a half before having the opportunity to audition.  When admitting how long he was willing to wait, Richard laughs before blurting out, “Do you know how hard it is to get in a John Ruffin play?” Richard began working with John for little to nothing.  Two years and several productions later, Richard does not regret his persistence.

Richard Gallion returns with John Ruffin on October 15 for an encore performance of Mr. Ruffin’s hit stage play, All My Single Ladies.  With an experienced cast, including Trisha Mann, DeWayne Woods, Darrin Dewitt Henson, and Terrell Carter, the play has received so much acclaim that it will be filmed for the Gospel Music Channel (GMC) before going on the road.

Richard’s journey continues to move forward, as he has several other productions in the works.  He’s currently filming Christopher Nolen’s The Good Life, and is also booked for Tommy Gathen’s production, Artificial Turf, in Memphis, TN.  He’ll then film a children’s production, It’s a Hard Knock Life, all before filming All My Single Ladies for television.  Richard is also booked for a play in Miami and is hoping to partner with 100 Black Men Magazine and Shirley Murdock for a separate traveling production.  This workaholic admits that he still has to turn down more projects than he’s able to accept.

When asked what he does for fun, Richard admits, “I don’t go out.  I’m mainly in the house studying, reading scripts, spending time with my children, and working out at the gym.”  As he reflects, a smile sneaks on his face when discussing his children and his close bond with his daughter, who can also be seen in All My Single Ladies.  When discussing friends he’s lost along the way, he advises, “Everyone can’t go to the top with you.  My advice would be to not lose any sleep over it.  They were just considered a season.”

Richard embraces his gifts and his ability to share them with others.  Even with the accomplishments he witnessed in his career so far, he still doesn’t count himself as a huge success.  “I’m still in the root of things,” Richard tells  “When I’m able to be a great influence to many people and set the standard for what is right for those who look up to me, then I’ll have reached success.”  Until then, Richard plans to continue acting and writing.  He hopes to expose all of the talent that is in Chicago.  “People say there is so much talent in L.A., but that’s because people are leaving their hometowns and moving there.  The talent is right here in Chicago.”

Join Richard for his encore performance in All My Single Ladies on October 15 at the Harold Washington Cultural Center.

Learn more about Richard Gallion’s latest projects:


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