Whitney White Transforms From Drama Queen to The TV Screen!

She has transformed from queen of the theatre in high school to star shining television actress. She is Whitney White. Recently, White did the second episode of the Playboy Club. While she couldn’t share too much about her role, she did say that she played one of the lovely backup singers on the show.

On her path to stardom, White has done a lot of work in theatre, from “Passing Strange to “The Hundred Dresses”.

Currently she is working on “Spunk,” a play by Zora Neale Hurston and will be appearing in “Love Loss and What I Wore” this winter, along with “The PlayBoy Club” this fall.

She said she gets her “…, motivation from her mother.” White said you never know what the future holds, but hard work pays off in the end.

The future holds bright for White, as the Black Alliance have nominated her for the Phylicia Rashad award (most promising actress).

White said, “Time is everything.”

White said when you look at what you’ve accomplished and where your goal is, you have to ask yourself, how much time have I really put into it.

She said, “So never take no for an answer, work on developing your skill and commit Commit COMMIT.”

Check out Whitney White’s website http://eyesonwhitney.wordpress.com/ and check out one the presumed hottest shows, “The PlayBoy Club,” Monday nights on NBC.



  1. Maximillian says:

    Its too bad they presumed wrong on The Playboy show since just today I heard its gets no more play. That show was slow, boring and terrible so I hope Whitney puts that theater work and promising award to use. She’s committed though so I’m sure shes not worried about bouncing back by any means.


  2. Sharon says:

    Very good interview.


  3. Maface says:

    Great story


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