Who’s that boy? Deonee Arnze!


He’s young, handsome and has a positive attitude. He is a 20 year-old aspiring model that goes by the name Deonee Arnze.

Deonee grew up in Oxford, North Carolina. For him he says it was a struggle to fit in the environment but through it all he remained positive. Growing up he looked up to his grandmothers and his ¬†basketball coach. His aunt, who owned her own cosmetic line inspired him to pursue being a model. ” I had my first photoshoot on my 18th birthday, I always liked to take pictures,” he recalls.¬† Alongside modeling he is also a student at Avery University in Virginia, where he is studying Criminal Justice.¬† He also hopes to have his own organization for younger children who are growing up in difficult environments. He wants this program to inspire young individuals to be positive no matter what and to live their dreams no matter what. Deonee has a word of advice for younger aspiring models ” If you want it go for it, grind hard and put God first.” Im sure that this wont be the last time we see Deonee he has full the potential to be the next Tyson Beckford.

Want to see more pis of Deonee Arnze? Check out the pics below. Be sure to add him on facebook and follow him on twitter @DeoneeArnez


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