Hula-Hoop Phenom!! Danielle Dietze [Videos Inside]

Talent at it’s best! Chicago native Danielle Dietze showcase her superb skills of hula hooping in a youtube video that is definitely worth viewing, full of tricks that we have never imagined could be done with a hula hoop!

Youtube has to be the premiere source of un-noticed talent! So many people have been discovered in many various aspects by simply posting they talent online in a viral video. One person I personally had the pleasure of working with is photographer Danielle Dietze, a Evanston native living in Chicago. Outside of her passion of photography she partakes in various hula hoop events and competitions as well post MANY of her practices online.

Growing up we all have seen kids and grown-ups hula hooping outside and throwing in some clever tricks but Danielle takes it to the extreme adding her own twist and tricks which many have not only seen before, but can not even do. Each video she does she tries to over master her previous videos. Simply amazed at her talent, AndwePresent showcases another Pre-Erupt individual with her spectacular and amazing hula hooping skills, Danielle Dietze.

For more of Danielle’s spectacular hula hoop videos, check out her youtube page!


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