Chris Brown’s Miami Show! Lap dances, pool parties and his lip locking performance! (Video Inside)

What happens when Chris Browns shirt comes off in a concert? You get two shows for the price of one! On Saturday May 28th Chris Brown, the 22 year old “Look At Me Now” singer performed for ‘The best of the best’ Memorial day weekend celebration in Miami Florida. Brown, who once dated singer Rihanna, performed at Bicentennial Park.

After inviting a lucky fan on stage Brown sat her in a chair and began singing “Take you down”. The performance that started out with Brown being fully clothed ended with Brown topless revealing his heavily tattooed chest and toned body. And yes, while his toned body looked good, it was hard to enjoy the view with Brown thrusting his hips and moving in way that made me too uncomfortable to even watch! Am I the only one who thinks the performance was awkward and uncomfortable??

Sunday night Brown tweeted ‘Pool party was insane!!! Nipples everywhere! Lol.’

I’m assuming he had a good time in Miami. One thing that came to my attention while watching this video though was that the fan was a red head and had similar skin complexion as ex Rihanna, dun dun dunnnn!!!! Just saying, it stuck out to me…I wont make any assumptions, it’s just a thought, but check out the video below and let me know what you thought of the performance! (ps sound quality isn’t the best, but hey you don’t gotta listen to it to see what’s going on! lol enjoy)


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