Pre-Eruption: JoN De PLedge “Emcee Vs. Rapper

JoN De PLedge (JDP) was raised on the west side of Chicago Illinois heavily influenced by music and poetry. Having a tough childhood, he expressed his feelings and thoughts therapeutically on paper. “I started rhyming at 13. My poetry was getting better and better each day but it just wasn’t enough for me anymore.”

JDP remembers his mother playing a lot of hip-hop and R&B and his attraction toward anything that had to do with rap.  “I was one of those kids that knew every word to a certain favorite rap song or r&b song with a rap feature. My mom played artists like heavy D, Salt N Pepper, and De La Soul around me and  i would go in my neighbors basement with my childhood friends and play instrumentals and try to emulate a rapper.”

JDP has currently been working with people who have the same grind and passion as himself. “I did a few tracks Profound, a hip hop legend in Chicago who did a lot of radio intros for Mike Love and the Diz back in the day. I was his protegé and he gave me the confidence to get on stage.”

JDP has the mind state of encouraging and inspiring other artists based on his skills. He wants his music to last through generations and become a concrete part of history. “To the dreamers out there make that dream a reality and never let the rejections get you down. And most importantly don’t do something because its popular, do it for the love and passion of it.”

JoN De PLedge

JoN De PLedge- Me, Myself and I

Jon De PLedge- Say You Will

Download JoN De PLedge’s mixtape EMCEE VS. RAPPER here on March 30th

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Facebook: jeremy jondpledge johnson or JON De Pledge
reverbnation/JoN De PLedge


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