Cory Hardrict: Tunnel Vision Toward Success

By: Randy C. Bonds

Battle Los Angeles

Cory Hardrict is thrilled about one of his first starring roles in a multimillion dollar film, starring alongside Ne-Yo, Michelle Rodriguez, and Aaron Eckhart.  Hardrict can be seen in “Battle Los Angeles” on 3/11/11, exactly two months after his wife, Tia Mowry Hardrict’s show, The Game, made its way back on air.  Hardrict stars as Corporal Lockett in the film, who he describes as a passionate soldier with a lot of emotions.  “He’s always thinking about his brother being killed under the order of Eckhart’s character.  The death of his brother is always in the back of his mind, causing him to hold a grudge against Eckhart. Eventually, however, they are forced to put the past in the past as hard times pull them together.”  “Battle Los Angeles is an action packed war film with aliens,” says Hardrict.  “For all the video game junkies out there, it’s like a mixture of Modern Warfare 2, Halo, and Call of Duty Resistence, with aliens thrown into the mix.”  While his excitement was very evident for this project, Hardrict’s life wasn’t always picture perfect.

Cory’s Story

Cory was born and raised in Chicago Heights, IL. He literally moved to Hollywood with $75 and a dream, a story very similar to that of Oscar nominated actress, Taraji Henson.  “Taraji and I actually booked our first professional acting job together,” says Hardrict. “It was a project titled Felicity.”  Since then, he has booked over 50 projects on shows such as Law & Order, CSI: Miami, The Game, and a solid role in the third and fourth seasons of Lincoln Heights.

One of his biggest films to date was Gran Turino, where he played a supporting role to the legendary actor, Clint Eastwood.  During the shooting of the film, Eastwood advised him, saying, “Don’t worry about what you’re gonna get, just show them what you’ve got,” which he says he’ll remember for the rest of his career.

Hardrict thanks his mother for pushing him so hard, and believes he owes it all to her. He promised her that he would one day chase after his dreams of moving to LA and starting a career in TV and film.  Although she lost her life in 1996 to cancer, and didn’t get to see him make his move, he still kept his promise.   He lost one leading lady in his life, but gained another…Tia Mowry.

“She has been very supportive of my career, and was by my side even when I was dirt poor living in Englewood,” said Hardrict.  They met when doing an independent film together, and things pretty much took off from there as their friendship blossomed into a beautiful relationship. “She’s so positive, spiritual, strong, and my back bone,” Hardrict describes of his wife.  “I love my wife to death! She’s not Hollywood.  She’s in the business, but not of the business,” and that’s something they both seem to have in common, and why they coincide together so well.  “We don’t go out to be seen. That’s not who we are.  We stay really simple, usually in the house.  I watch my basketball, and she watches her cooking shows,” he laughs.

One would think it’s really hard for them both to maintain a happy relationship as they both have jobs that causes them to spend long hours away from home, even months sometimes, but they both sacrifice and put in the necessary work to maintain a healthy, balanced relationship.  “Marriage is work, and you have to make it work.”  They make sure they get home as much as they can, or visit each other whenever possible so that work doesn’t come between the love they share.  They are really supportive of each other, and understand the importance of unity, even more so now that they are getting ready to give birth to their first child.  Tia made the announcement on 1/11/11 after the season premier of her show’s return to the airwaves.  They are both really excited about this new avenue in their life, and are ready to tackle it together, doing whatever they have to do to be the best parents they can be.

Cory’s Tip

Cory advices that anyone looking to get into this business should “Always put God first, and work! Don’t focus on the glam. Take several classes and workshops. You won’t have longevity if you just looking to get famous and rich.  Perfect your craft, and believe in yourself.  Never stop believing.  All it takes is one yes after one million no’s.  You have to believe the impossible, and keep dreaming! And lastly, you have to stay humble.  The bible says ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’.  You can fall flat on your face at any moment.  You have to respect everyone, and you can’t get too Hollywood!”

Needless to say that Cory definitely follows his own advice, which is why I see longevity in his future.  He’s very humble, and always hungry to keep growing, and bettering himself as an actor, and as a person.  He had no problem expressing his excitement about his upcoming film, and was also happy to say “I don’t die! Ne-yo and myself both make it through the end of the film, which was very surprising J!” He encourages everyone to go checkout Battle Los Angeles hitting theaters 3/11/11!

If you’d like to get in touch with Cory, you can add him on Facebook or follow him on twitter @coryhardrict.  To stay posted about the upcoming film, visit the official website .


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