Richard Gallion: Ambitions of Finesse

By Marques Clark

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Besides doing runway modeling and having a role in the popular movie ‘The Dark Knight’, Richard Gallion strides to bring a certain integrity to every project he represents. He is part of a modeling/entertainment group called M.I.S. that stands out through their upscale image and strong integrity. got a chance to sit down with Richard about the importance of integrity in the fashion and entertainment industry.

Most recently, Richard was seen in Chicago’s own, John Ruffin’s stage play, Love Me Or Leave Me, featured on GMC, where he starred alongside tv veterans such as Terrell Carter, Christian Keyes, Terri Vaughn, Elise Neal, Karl Payne, Clifton Powell, and Shirly Murdock.  From January 21-22, he can be seen in Ruffin’s newest stage production, the Ideal Husband, at the Harold Washington Cultural Center, where he will be starring alongside Terrell Carter, Karl Payne, and Shirly Murdock.

Click here for the full M.I.S. interview


Modeling Experience Print

Remix The Runway (Power 92)                                            Nike

Fesup Clothing Spoke Model                                                 Austin Times

828 NYE Fashion Show (107.5 WGCI)                              Being Single Magazine

Lil Kim Catwalk on Fire                                                           Fesup Catalogue

Clippers and Shears Hair/Show                                           Austin Voice Newspaper

Barber Bates Fashion Show                                                   Cover Chicago Magazine

Feature Model- Skillz Black (Stylist Wear)                      Clippers N Shield

Self-Conscious V.Dot Clothing                                             Volts wagon 2009 Catalogue

American Crew                                                                        Samsung Cell Phone 2009

Ebony Fashion Fair Tour                                                     Ebony and Jet Magazine

Riddell Catalogue 2008

Riddell Catalogue 2009



The Express                                                      Student                                    Gary Fleder

Fred Clause                                                       Shopper                                  David Dobkin

Batman Dark Knight                                      Prisoner                                  Christopher Nolan

All about the Ring                                          Server                                      Elliot Porter

In The Loop                                                      Principle                                  Kim Cole

The Unborn                                                      Bartender                                David S. Goyer

Prodical Thug                                                  Play Boy                                   Quincy Trent

Consequences                                                 Principle                                   Jesse Bush

The Black Butterfly                                       Principle                                   Mark Harris

The Prerequisites of Spilled Milk            Principle                                     Antonio Adams

The Cost                                                            Supporting                               Brian Strugelewski

Infidelity.Com                                               Principle                                    Michael Millard

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