Defcee: Beyond the Boundaries

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Defcee, also known as Adam Levin, was born on August 21st in Chicago, Illinois. He moved to River Forest at the age of 3 when his father received a better job opportunity. “My brothers and I had a very privileged upbringing. We never had to worry about when our next meal was coming or having new shoes for the next school year, and I took that for granted for a long time. My biggest problem was being picked on in school, and in retrospect, that’s a relatively minute problem to have in comparison to what else could have vefallen me at that age.”

Defcee has grown a liking for hip-hop ever since his god-sisters brought home a Kris Kross tape at the age of 2. “I used to do a lot of freestyling when I was younger on walks home from school because my parents didn’t want to buy me a Walkman, so instead I’d rap and beatbox to myself.” When he finally did get a Walkman, Defcee would tape shows off the radio and listen to them everywhere he went to get better at his skill. “I started putting rhymes down on paper when I was 11 and I tried to write a verse a day between 8th grade and my senior year of high school.”

Defcee’s biggest inspirations are family, friends, and his own personal experiences. He remembers having to prove himself as a rapper many times due to the color of his skin and receiving lack of respect. “I was a white kid in a suburb full of people who didn’t believe that I could rap well so I lashed back with battle rhymes.” His mentor helped him hone his craft by encouragement and leading him away from being a “self-delusional rapper.”

Defcee has been releasing official music since the age of 17 with his first album ‘One Eye Open.’ He works with a variety of people from his hometown such as Daily Lyrical Product, Jyroscope, and Gilead 7 to name a few. Defcee has been finishing his next album ‘Damn Near Grown’ and has a few EP’s in the works. He lets no grass grow underneath his feet as he continues progression to one of the greatest of all time.

  • Recorded first album at age 17, ‘One Eye Open’
  • Released an EP called ‘The Panama Sessions’ May 4, 2010
  • Has performed in Panama City, Panama; London, UK; and Cuernavaca, Mexico
  • Performed at the National Youth Poetry Slam, Brave New Voices, the Ann Arbor Book Festival, and Chicago’s youth poetry slam.
  • Has shared the stage with the likes of Saul Williams, Amiri Baraka, DJ Kool Herc, Wale, The Cool Kids, And Little Brother

“Create, create, create. Produce as much work as you possibly can and then ask someone whose opinion you trust to take a look at it. Never say no unless you’re in a position to. I’ve been able to do a lot of wonderful things because I refused to say no to many opportunities.”


To contact Defcee visit and to listen to his music visit


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