Robert Townsend: A Lifelong Hero

Famed actor, and director, Robert Townsend has had experience both, in front of the screen, and behind the scenes.  He’s been seen in movies such as Disney’s Up, Up, and Away, The Five Heartbeats, Meteor Man,and very memorable from the hit show, Parent Hood! He’s accomplished so much, and is now making a new mark with his web series, Diary of a Single Mom, which is the only drama show starring people of color.

Diary of a Single Mom takes viewers on the journey of three single mothers, portrayed by Monica Calhoun, Valery Ortiz, and Janice Lynde, and how they make it through their hardships that comes with being a single mother.   Each character has different circumstances, and are able to pull from within each other to grow.  The cast also includes the legendary Billy Dee Williams, Leon, and Richard Roundtree.

For those who don’t know, Townsend is right here from Chicago, where he grew up on the south side.  He too, was a product of a single mother, so he could easily relate to the stories of the characters, and that’s what drew him to directing an amazing story.  Check out the audio clip below to hear what advice he has for single mothers, both young and older, and the advice he has for young fathers about stepping up and being a responsible adult! And you can catch his web series online at

1)Why do you think teen pregnancy is at an all time high?

2)What do you say to men, both you and old, who are not taking care of their fatherly duties?

3)Do you think that the absence of a male figure in the life of a woman plays a huge role in her becoming a teen mom?

4)What do you say to young girls who are having babies prematurely (before they’re ready to start a family, before they finish high school, before they’re financially able to support a child, etc.)?


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  1. Robert Robertson says:

    This man has shown himself to be a pillar in the entertainment business, and even though, he’s has remained humble in his doings. He also has not taken the high road, when presenting himself to the public, and this means much in places where integrity has no place.


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