Naturi Naughton: Back & Better Than Before [Interview Inside]

Naturi Naughton

Back & Better Than Before

By Randy C. Bonds

Naturi Naughton is back and better than before!  Many may remember Naturi as one of the founding members of the pop trio, 3LW.  Due to some unknown issues, she left the group.  “I don’t like to dwell on the issue, but instead, show people how much I’ve grown from it, and encourage them not to live in the past,” says Naughton.  After leaving the group, Naughton went to college at Seton Hall, where she would use her free time to work on music and got involved with acting.  Immediately following college, she began to audition for Broadway plays, and was soon booked on the Broadway National Tour of Hairspray, and later on the Broadway cast where she played Little Inez, the little sister of Seaweed, played by singer Tevin Campbell at the time. “A lot of people didn’t know that I was doing a Broadway show,” tells Naughton, “but I was always working, just not in the music business,” states Naughton.

After her success on Broadway, Naturi took it to the big screen as “Lil’Kim” in the movie “Notorious”. While Lil’Kim wasn’t too happy with her portrayal in the movie, Naturi tells how proud she is of her portrayal of who she believes is the best female MC, and someone she has looked up to for a long time.  “It’s unfortunate that she’s not happy with the role,” says Naughton, “But I am aware that it has nothing to do with me.  At the end of the day, I’m just doing my job, and I can’t make everybody happy.”  Prior to filming the movie, Naturi actually recorded a song with Lil’ Kim, which is why it was so ironic that she was given the chance to jump into Kim’s shoes.

Since her debut on the big screen, she’s been in several blockbuster hits including the remake of “Fame,” where she was able to revive the role of Denise.  Including in the cast was the original Denise, Debbie Allen, who Naturi was able to learn so much from.  She did some major singing, and learned to play piano for the role.  She then released an entire album of songs for her character titled “Naturi Naughton as Denise,” which is available on iTunes & Amazon.  That was a classic role, and one that she’ll never forget!

Her latest role was in “Lottery Ticket,” where she co-starred along Brandon T. Jackson, Bow Wow, and Ice Cube.  It was a very comical film, and she continued to keep her fans updated with how much fun she had with her cast on the set via Twitter.  She is very faithful to her fans, continuing to walk in humbleness, and remind them of how important they are to her, which is why she’ll always be very respected and loved by many! Her humbleness meets her talent, making it easier for people to approach her and identify with her.

Naughton still lives in New Jersey with her parents, and continues to stay on her grind.  She’s always out auditioning in between filming, and is always hungry for better! She’s never satisfied, despite of all that she’s accomplished, and that drive will take her further and further up the latter to success!  If I were you, I’d keep my eye on this shooting star who’s back, and better than before!


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